FAQ - frequently asked questions


Q. What is an e-book and how will I download it?

 A. An e-book is simply a quicker and easier method of obtaining the  program you want to purchase. Instead of paying for shipping and waiting  for a physical package to come in the mail, you will be able to  download the entire Trade & Grow Rich Trading Program in Adobe PDF Format right  to your computer immediately after ordering. All you need is the free  Adobe Reader which already comes installed on all newer computers.  However, if you have an older computer and don’t have Adobe Reader  installed, it is a FREE download. Just go to:  http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html 

 The main program will only take about a minute to download if you have a  high speed connection. Once you download the ebook to your computer,  you simply save the pdf file to a directory and then you can open it and  either read it on your computer any time you wish, or if you’d rather,  you can print it out to bring with you to read anywhere. 

Q. Does it matter what country I’m in and is the sale in US Dollars?

 A. You can order online no matter what country you’re located in, and we  also accept orders 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We’ve can process  orders from over 160 countries currently. Our secure credit card  processor PayPal will automatically convert the US dollars to your country’s  currency. 

Q: How much money do I need to start trading commodities?

 A: Studies have shown that the more money you have to trade, the better  your chances of success. While some vendors (who want to sell you  something) suggest you can trade with any amount you may have, most  experts agree that with less than $10,000 your success depends on luck.  You just don’t have enough to diversify and apply proper risk management  principles. If you do not have $10,000 in risk capital, you should stay  in “learning mode” and paper trade until you do. 

Q: Are options a good way for a low-capitalized investor to try commodity trading?

A: Absolutely not. Buying puts and calls is a sucker play very similar  to casino gambling. You can win in the short term, but the more you buy  puts and calls, the more you will eventually lose. When you buy a put or  call, only a professional trader or a floor trader will be selling it  to you. They do not sell unless the odds are in their favor. 

Q: How do I choose a broker?

 A: Whatever you do, do not depend on a broker for trading advice. With  few exceptions, they are salesmen not traders. If they could trade, they  wouldn’t be brokers. We suggest one of the major online trading firms  with a robust trading platform and good customer support. 

Q: Do I need a computer to trade?

 A: You cannot beat the markets by outsmarting them or other traders.  Computers can make your analytical life easier, but successful methods  are simple enough to apply without using a computer. Computers’ real  value, in our opinion, is their ability to help you test trading ideas  historically. Most trading methods, even popular ones, do not work when  put to a rigorous test. This is one of the great unspoken reasons why so  many traders fail.


Q: Do trading systems really work?  

 A: Yes. Good systems that have not been over-optimized market-by-market  do work. You must be careful to distinguish systems that work in  hindsight testing from those that work in real-time trading. People  assume that anything that worked over a long historical period will  almost certainly continue to work in the future. That depends on the  system and the test. There is no absolute relationship between  historical performance and real-time future performance.