Learn How You Can Earn a Living Trading Commodities!




Dear Trader, 

Are you finding it difficult to trade in today’s volatile stock market environment?

The stock market has been very  precarious over the last few years, as it is dependent on so many  internal factors that are not globally driven. Such things as the  earnings report are very often not exactly “real time” news. Usually the  insiders are privy to this information much sooner than the average  retail trader, thus the old adage, “buy the rumor, and sell the news”.

Many traders today are realizing that  the stock market is a “rigged” market and has been manipulated by  market makers for decades.

Well, just like you, today many  traders are now seeing the potential for massive success in the  Commodity markets in which sustained trends can last up to several  years.

If you want to learn how to  accurately time your entries and exits in the Commodity Markets so that  you can earn above-average returns without putting your savings at risk,  then what you’re about to discover right now should give you a new  sense of confidence in Trading Commodities…

The number one reason that most  traders lose money is that they fail to time their entries and exits  accurately. Often they hold on to losing positions for too long and exit  profitable positions too early.

Imagine if you knew how to accurately  time your entries in the Commodity markets so that you entered and  exited your trades at, or near, the Commodities turning points –  allowing you to enter on minimal risk and letting your profits run for  maximum returns…Impossible? Consider the following…

Almost every successful hedge fund  trader from George Soros to Jim Rogers to Paul Tudor Jones, accumulated  the majority of their wealth from trading in the Commodity markets.  These successful Commodity traders have each amassed a personal net  worth well into the billions of dollars! That’s right – BILLIONS. Is it  coincidence that they all primarily trade in the Commodity markets?  Absolutely not, for they have learned the secret on how to Trade Commodities and Grow Rich.

The one secret they have all learned  is that the Commodity markets has its own language. Once you learn how  to decipher this language, the Commodity market will begin to speak  volumes to you and soon what you are “reading” on the charts will become  crystal clear. When the majority of stock traders were losing money in  2009 after the collapse of some of the largest institutional banks, such  as Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, Commodity traders were quietly  building long term positions in GOLD, SILVER, COFFEE and other  commodities which went on to produce massive triple digit gains over the  next 5 years, using the same strategies you are about to learn with our  system.

It does not matter whether you’re a  long term investor, an intraday trader, a swing trader or a day trader …  the principles we are about to teach you can be applied to all  commodities and all time-frames, giving you the confidence and skills  you need to protect your capital and pick big winners consistently,  trade after trade.                                                                                             

“Don’t let the stock market take your money again – ever!”

If you have made some good  investments recently and are looking for a place to put your capital to  work without losing it in the stock market, then now is the time to  start learning how to Trade Commodities and Grow Rich. You don’t want to be a step behind on the next big move in Commodities…

If you have had a good run for your  money recently, you don’t want to lose your handsome profits, and are  itching to know what to do next – should you sell, buy or wait? You  don’t want to be a step behind on the next big move…

Hello and Welcome to the Trade and  Grow Rich team. We want to be totally frank and upfront with you. We are  not market “guru’s” and we certainly don’t claim to be. We’re not going  to give you the latest “hot tips” or “hot picks” claiming that they  will make you rich. We just follow a simple time-tested system that  brings results – no matter whether the Commodity markets sky rockets up,  crash down or tumbles sideways.

If you stick with us a little while  longer we’re going to tell you about this amazingly accurate trading  strategy that will teach you to read, analyze and forecast the Commodity  market accurately, without having to use any fancy techniques or  staring at the computer screen and watching every tick of the market…

Using this secret system, we  calculated when, and even at what price, the 2010 top in Gold was  coming, and also the severity of the decline that would follow – we  managed to sell out of all our Gold longs just before the high went to  the all time high of $1923.7 per ounce on 9/05/10. We were also able to  pick the bounce in May 2012 – We predicted a 61.8% retrace back up to  $1785 per ounce and it came within ten dollars of our analysis! We also  calculated that Gold would make a triple top during that retrace before  crashing below support of $1526. Guess what? It did just that and broke  down thru support of $1526 after making its third top! Pretty amazing,  don’t you think?

Now back to our story…

You may think that you need to read  more investment books or attend advanced investment seminars and learn  more techniques to be a more successful trader, but what I have  discovered over the years may actually surprise you…

Truth is that it’s near impossible to  control the shakes and super-hot adrenaline dump that occurs when your  hard-earned money, your entire life-savings, is on the line.

Here’s the thing…

If you depend on dozens of complex  investment rules, techniques and strategies…Which one do you think you  will turn to when your portfolio starts dwindling away? Will you get  greedy when the markets get fearful, OR will you be more likely to start  making portfolio damaging mistakes that will make you curl on the couch  in the fetal position not knowing what to do?

That’s why you certainly don’t need  more rules, but you need to educate yourself on WHEN and WHERE the best  times and places are to apply the rules you already know.

And, that’s how we had our biggest  “Ah-ha!” moment that changed our lives forever. That’s how we stumbled  upon this amazing system that lets you…


“Learn to trade the fast paced commodity markets with the calmness of a Samurai Warrior…”

One day we realized that instead of  relying on crowd speculation, useless indicators and other  uncertainties, some of the most profitable traders use the past as a  guide for making their decisions. But HOW do they do it exactly?

That’s when we began studying price  action along with time and cycle analysis. While indicators and  oscillators can be of value to some people, We believe we have found  something much better, less stressful and much, MUCH more predictable…

The system is not new. It’s been  around for almost a century. But, in its original form, it’s not easy to  understand or apply. But it’s the only, in our opinion, system that  lets you be a successful trader or investor while you actually “have a  life”. That’s priceless.

Chances are that you’ve heard about  pure price action traders before and maybe even read some of the books  available on the subject… Some of the greatest traders such as Richard  Dennis and his partner William Eckhardt, who both founded the infamous  Turtle Trader Program used price action and cycle analysis as an  integral part of their mechanical trading system. Their turtle trading  program produced some of the greatest commodity traders who went on to  make millions of dollars trading commodities using their system.

 Richard Dennis himself turned an initial stake of less than $5000 into more than $100 million dollars!

Despite his massive success…

Some people in the  past have tried to discredit his analysis when they read about solely  using price action analysis and cyclical analysis almost as if he was  discussing planetary movements as the basis for his trading method, but  his system was based on a sound set of principles which were proven to  work time and time again and this trading approach s something that  serious traders must understand in order to use it to their advantage.

The truth is, that price action and  cycle analysis has survived being dissected, tested and even persecuted  for over the past NINE DECADES. Not only have these ground-breaking  theories continue to be viable, influencing today’s most successful  traders.

Even the legendary trader, Jesse  Livermore who developed his own techniques for reading and forecasting  the stock market with amazing accuracy, based his approach from price  action and cyclical analysis. During his lifetime he gained several  multi-million dollar fortunes and was worth over $100 million – in 1929!

Jessie said that: “Everything moves  in cycles as a result of the natural law of action and reaction. By a  study of the past, I have discovered what cycles repeat in the future” …  He is also known for saying that people are “emotion driven” and they  do not change … they respond the same way from one market cycle to the  next. Interesting…

That made sense to us, so we figured  that if we studied hard enough, and compared past markets to current  markets, we should locate the major and minor cycles and determine in  which years the cycles repeat in the future, and figure out how to pick  major winners more often.                                                                  


Risking our own money, we tested and re-tested  price action and cyclical analysis and what we discovered was a  “trading bombshell”!

To cut a long story short, after  years of trial-and-error, research and heartache, our strong  determination began to pay off. That’s when we started making those  amazingly accurate Commodity market forecasts we told you about in the  beginning…

Now, we’re not telling you all that  to impress you, but rather to highlight that even though price action  and cyclical analysis can be effective, not many people understand how  to use it correctly in today’s Commodity markets.

You see traders who stumbled upon  these techniques, such as Jesse Livermore and other legendary  speculators and traders deliberately made their teachings very hard to  understand. They left “hidden clues” in their books, so the average  reader usually doesn’t get it. If you have studied price action before,  you’ve probably found this analysis difficult to understand and apply.  Apparently, those traders wanted people to work hard for their wisdom.  That’s where we decided to not only learn and master their secrets, but  to also make it available to everyone.

To make things worse, a simple  Internet search turns up a plethora of trading information, training  courses, programs, books and tools. To be honest this just adds to the  confusion, as each one claims to be the only correct “trading  technique”…

That’s why we’ve put together the  “best”, and most relevant of today’s trading strategies based upon price  action and cyclical analysis and presented them in one easy-reference  Course simply called: Trade Commodities and Grow Rich.

 If you’ve studied price action in the  past, you were probably confused, perplexed and even frustrated trying  to understand price action and it’s relationship to both time and  cycles; or even price patterns and forecasting techniques and that’s why  we know Trade Commodities and Grow Rich is a “must-have” for anyone wanting to master these secrets or learn technical analysis, without getting, well… too technical.

Trade Commodities and Grow Rich puts together a trading program that is in clear, understandable terms,  as it presents a logical, easy-to-use method of trading that will help  you to know how to find turning points in the Commodity markets and make  accurate price projections– no matter what commodity you are trading,  or the time-frame you are trading in. 

Who is our Commodity Trading Course entitled, 'Trade Commodities and Grow Rich' is designed for?


If you are a beginning  trader/investor you will learn the MINDSET to help you determine WHEN to  trade, and how to reduce the amount of risk on any trade BEFORE you  enter the market. You don’t have to be in a position for three years to  see massive gains. Our strategies were developed to be used in any time  frame, long or shorter term. Trade Commodities and Grow Rich will teach you strategies which will take the guesswork out of knowing what to do and most importantly – WHEN TO DO IT..


If you’re looking for more “advanced tools” to step up to the next level of your trading career, then Trade Commodities and Grow Rich could be just what you’re looking for, especially since it contains  some very simple and straightforward, but extremely powerful, additions  to any Technical Analysis toolbox. If you’re frustrated with the slow  growth of your trading account and are worried about how swings in the  stock market will affect your financial future, then you must learn how  to Trade Commodities and Grow Rich.


If you are an active trader/investor and have experienced decent gains in the past, Trade Commodities and Grow Rich will teach you trading techniques than can protect your wealth and prevent you from giving back your gains. Trade Commodities and Grow Rich will help you understand what investment strategy to take for the near  and long term future, and help you preserve your capital.

If you are a visual trader and learn  best by examples, then you will appreciate the magnitude of charts that  will help you understand how to analyze the Commodity markets as a  “PICTURE”, rather than a series of complex and mind-numbing numbers that  even seasoned traders struggle to understand. Trade Commodities and Grow Rich will give you the confidence you need to leap from the “Paralysis By  Analysis” mode into “Trading Mode” when the market demands it.

Let me tell you what Trade Commodities and Grow Rich is NOT…

This is not some manual you want to  look to for more information on “how to trade”, but rather to look at  “what to do” to improve your chances of success. Most traders understand  the basics, such as: “use stop-loss orders”, “don’t over-trade”, “never  risk more than 10%”, “get out of a bad trade immediately”, “let your  winning trades ride”…

So, chances are that you probably  don’t need any more rules; you just need to understand when to apply  what you already know, in real time, when your life savings are on the  line. And that’s exactly what you will learn with Trade Commodities and Grow Rich.

Trade Commodities and Grow Rich is about a very specific strategy which will help you determine where  the optimal entry and exit points are in the Commodities’ cycle. So, if  you are a novice, this should be the fastest way for you to learn how to  trade the Commodity markets effectively. If you are an experienced  trader you will instantly see how you can perfect and refine your  technique.

Trade Commodities and Grow Rich is structured into three parts to help you to:

*Correctly identifying Price Action

*How to Uncover what is the “Trend of the Moment”

*Learn Commodity Cycle Analysis to improve your timing

Most styles of analysis only focus on  PRICE. This is only half of the picture. When you understand CYCLE  ANALYSIS you’re trading will step into the professional arena.

Many times traders enter a position  at certain price levels but don’t realize that they are in the wrong  stage of the Commodity’s cycle. It is not until you are trading in the  correct stage of the cycle will you see the market begin to move in your  favor.

Once you understand how to combine  these two ingredients, then you will begin to learn how to read what the  market is telling you and consistently profit from it. Trade Commodities and Grow Rich is the only trading program available today that teaches you exactly  what you need to learn on how to become a successful Commodity trader in  an easy to understand manner.

  7 reasons why every serious investor needs Trade Commodities and Grow Rich:

1. Based  on proven fundamentals. It’s a succinct summary of price action and  cyclical analysis strategies and techniques, summarizing the best  information on the planet used by professional commodity traders, giving  you the essence of what works in today’s commodity markets, right now.

2. An  accelerated learning system. It contains over 160 up-to-date charts and  examples from real market highs and lows that actually prove the  techniques, and show you both entry and exit points. The charts and  support materials are large and clear, so you can easily grasp the  essence of each technique, and incorporate them into your own trading  style when picking future commodity winners.

3. Cuts  to the chase and gives you just what you need to be successful.Arguably it’s one of the simplest technical analysis guides out there.  It unveils legendary trading secrets and simplifies these techniques, so  that anyone can understand and apply them to today’s commodity markets.

4. Provides  a “fail-proof” system. By focusing on the technical’s it shows how  anyone can minimize damage from forecasting mistakes, and keep on the  right side of the commodity markets. It’s one thing to have a general  cyclic indication of market expectations, but an entirely different  thing to know how to take advantage of, and trade, those insights in  real time.

5. All-inclusive.  Most other courses/books out there have beginners through to amateurs  to advanced components, and sell courses and books individually so that  you’d need to refinance your house to do them all. In effect, you never  feel confident to turn investing into a profitable career for yourself  since there is always something else you don’t know about. Some courses  only cover time analysis and others only price analysis. Trade Commodities and Grow Rich teaches you both on all levels – beginner AND advanced.

6. Shows  simple ways to limit risk and protect your portfolio. Whatever style or  strategy that you follow, technical analysis will give you an EXTRA  opinion you need to be able to determine when you are in fact in a  “trade situation” and what to do next.

7. Best way to learn technical analysis. Trade Commodities and Grow Rich is arguably the best form of analysis for reading and forecasting the markets. Trade Commodities and Grow Rich will help you develop a special skill in reading the charts to  understand the psychology of what is happening in the market place.

Trade Commodities and Grow Rich features examples of currency markets. There are examples on both the  US dollar and the Euro dollar. Every method contains real examples of  trading patterns from both commodities to currencies, all updated to be  relevant for today’s most active traders. Most other books, courses and  seminars don’t have enough examples, and the ones they do are out-dated.

Trade Commodities and Grow Rich includes understanding the “how we got here” and the relevant  bigger-picture points that one can glean from looking at the historical  data on a specific Commodity. By going over the clear examples – that  detail Commodity patterns and movements – you should lock technical  analysis into your long-term memory and nervous system, and acquire a  very special mindset that will help you “feel” the Commodity markets.

When you consistently see and understand the cycles that exist in every market, you can trade more effectively.


Here’s a sneak peek at what else you will learn about in Trade Commodities and Grow Rich:

- How Commodity Markets Really Work. Learn to read the language of the market and how to capture profits in any time frame.

- How to use determine Supply and Demand imbalances and the exact point when momentum shifts from buyers to sellers.

- Learn how to correctly  identify when institutional traders are secretly building positions in  major commodities such as Gold, Silver, Coffee, etc…

-How to increase your  chances of picking winning commodities, and turn your small inconsistent  gains into maximum consistent profits.

-How to determine the exact point when a trend will reverse or change, days, weeks and even MONTHS in advance!

- How to use Commodity Cycle Analysis to help you make accurate and precise forecasts, even during gut-wrenching market crashes.

- Learn our amazingly accurate secret for balancing time using past market action.

- How to make sure you never buy or sell too late or too soon.

- How to predict future support and resistance price targets.

- A simple way to help you  use retracement and extension rules correctly – even most seasoned  traders overlook the intricacies of this rule.

- How to balance price to determine the percentage levels for a future bottom/top.

- How to determine points of support and resistance using the Commodity Cycle Analysis.

- Know exactly when is the right time to BUY and SELL a position before either Demand or Supply steps in and turns the market.

- How to correctly identify  which of the 4 stages a Commodity is in and to determine exact points of  pressure where markets should rise and fall within a given time frame.

- How to determine the support and resistance levels of commodities and currencies.

- What to do next, once the  market breaks through the 50% resistance, and what to do if it doesn’t.  (Ignoring this simple yet critical rule could put your retirement at  serious risk!)

- How to tell when the market  is un-balanced, and what you should do to prevent the bulk of your  hard-earned wealth from getting wiped out.

- A simple easy to follow technique that will help you grasp when a Commodity bull market is about to start or finish.

- Learn Trade Commodities and Grow Rich’s strategy that can shoot your profits through the roof!

- How to combine cycle action  with price action to make frighteningly accurate market forecasts, and  determine the likely duration of the next move.

- The 4 stages you must know  to accurately identify a commodity market’s “tipping” point. (This  often-misunderstood strategy should help you predict market behavior  days, weeks and even months is advance!)

We have done exhaustive studies on  price action and cyclical analysis for the past 20 years and we know  that when it comes to clarity, simplicity and relevant information  giving you just what you need to make accurate market decisions without  overwhelming and confusing you with unnecessary fluff, we can tell you  that there is nothing that even comes close to Trade Commodities and Grow Rich. 


Why seasoned traders/investors get scared and sell out of a winning position too early, or hold onto a bad position for too long…

Warren Buffet said that we should be  fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.  Pretty simple rule to live by, don’t you think?

George Soros put’s it another way, “It takes courage to be a pig!”

We all know that when humans are placed under pressure they are more likely to make mistakes.

How accurate do you think your judgment and decision-making ability would be if your retirement security is placed on the line?

That’s where Trade Commodities and Grow Rich can help. By sticking to the highly-predictable mechanical strategies  outlined in the manual you’ll learn to eliminate destructive emotions  like fear, greed and uncertainty, while putting them in the right  perspective so you can start trading systematically and precisely,  rather than being thrown about by destructive portfolio-burning  emotions.

That’s why most people need money  managers and always looks up to investment gurus and in effect never  develop the confidence or skill they need to manage their own money.  But, financial planners and brokers only recommend what makes the  biggest fees and commissions for them – that’s why you must teach  yourself how to manage your own money yourself.

Trade Commodities and Grow Rich will first help you to master the technical’s, and then show you how to  become an INDEPENDENT trader capable of executing profitable trades on  your own, consistently, in any Commodity.

 So, what’s the investment required to get  access to the best tools, techniques and strategies you need to take  control of your financial future?

Let’s Be Honest…You could go out there and buy all of  the trading books available and try to work it all out for yourself.  But, let us warn you. It will be a long list of books and it will  probably take you a while to pick out what works for today’s Commodity  markets.

Your other option is to invest in one  of the many long-winded and “watered-down” courses available by  “investment guru’s” featured on CNBC, Bloomberg and other investment  related tv shows or websites. There are many out there, starting from  $500 and going up to a mind-boggling $10,000 and more. Some are good  while most of them are a waste of your time and more importantly, you’re  hard earned money.

The only problem is that most of  these courses will give you a truckload of information and bonuses to  make you feel good about forking out several thousand dollars on  something that you will probably never use anyway. So, you will get a  lot of intellectual stimulation but probably have very little (if any)  profits to show for it.

Trade Commodities and Grow Rich took  years of study and research. It was developed by over 20 years  experience thru trial-and-error along with spending thousands of dollars  on research; in addition to losing tens of thousands of dollars to  determine what works and what doesn’t for today’s Commodity markets.  

That’s why pricing this invaluable and totally unique manual was  probably the hardest thing to do. We didn’t want to charge people an arm  and a leg, but at the same time we are not going to disrespect the  experience and effort we put into creating this methodology by giving  our biggest secrets away for free either.

That’s why we decided to make this invaluable  manual available to other proactive investors and market traders who  want to take control of their financial future for A LIMITED TIME OFFER FOR ONLY $97!


That’s just a fraction of what it  cost to develop this information! That’s not including the time and  frustration it took to understand and learn the strategies and  techniques we developed thru trial and error and then compile all of  this information together for you into an easy to understand manual that  works in today’s Commodity Markets.

You probably don’t really want to  spend a lifetime to learn a technique, though you are willing to spend a  reasonable period to master it. That’s how we know you will enjoy Trade Commodities and Grow Rich,  because it gives you just what you need to master technical analysis to  help you control risk and maximize profits when trading. 

The strategies contained in Trade Commodities and Grow Rich works when you understand how to use it. Despite the critics and  cynics, Commodity trading has survived for over a century only because  it produces results time after time, and in any time-frame. We can be  telling you how great this system really is until we’re blue to the face  and nothing will turn you into a believer until you’re thoroughly  convinced that this system can help you protect your wealth and make you  a lot of money in good times and bad times.

That’s the reasoning behind what we recommend you do:

Get it. Read it from cover to cover.  See if it’s not one of the simplest and yet the most thorough systems to  help you analyze Commodity market trends, support and resistance levels  and chart patterns, helping you understand how to protect your capital  while earning above-average returns. Grab a pen and pencil and do some  paper trading for a few weeks and see how accurate it is. You won’t  believe your eyes.

But, even if at the end of the 60 days you are not absolutely convinced that Trade Commodities and Grow Rich will give you an edge as a trader… simply send us an email and we will  give you a complete refund – no questions asked. We can’t be any fairer  than that. But you need to take action now.

The Commodity Market is an amazing  wealth-building machine that runs 24/7/365 – Trade Commodities and Grow  Rich can put you in the driver’s seat!

We don’t think we need to be telling  you about the amazing lifestyle one can enjoy when you figure out how to  turn investing into a profitable profession for yourself… you can start  living the good life earlier … be free of financial stress and worry …  and do what you always wanted to do and have the time and financial  power to do it!

The lifestyle is good… but we don’t  think you should be doing it for the lifestyle. We think that you should  do it for yourself. Because nothing gives you more satisfaction and  pleasure than knowing that you have finally figured out how to become an  independent Commodities trader. This unique profession gives you  options in life most people can only dream about.

Most people buy a stock because they  hope it will go up and they will make profits. They buy on tips, or what  someone else thinks, without any concrete knowledge of their own that  the stock will advance.

Finally, they sell because they fear  the stock will nose-dive and often they sell out too soon, getting out  at the wrong time. In effect, they get in the market at the wrong time  and they get out at the wrong time, being totally at the whim of the  market and not knowing how to change that.

That’s why we feel you owe it to yourself to invest in Trade Commodities and Grow Rich… especially since you’re totally protected with our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! 

If technical analysis is something  you always wanted to learn how to do, or you are looking for more  certain ways to earn above-average returns without putting your  retirement at risk, you should invest in Trade Commodities and Grow Rich, especially since we don’t think we’re going to offer this powerful manual at that low price for much longer. 

When you think about how much value  you get and that it helps you understand and apply one of the most  effective trading systems out there, we could easily charge $2000, $5000,  and more!


If you already have a trading plan and are looking to fine-tune your analysis using Trade Commodities and Grow Rich techniques, or you need to develop your trading plan that details entry and exit levels for your trades, then Trade Commodities and Grow Rich will give you a powerful mindset and a set of tools you need to start making some satisfying market predictions.

Having a solid, reliable trading plan is the only sure way to achieve consistent trading success.

“Buy and hold” is no longer a viable trading strategy

You need to educate yourself on how  you can determine not only when a trend change is imminent, but also  what the best place would be to enter or exit that market… and that’s  exactly what Trade Commodities and Grow Rich will show you how to do.

Right now, there are some of the  greatest opportunities ever presented in the history of the Commodity  Markets. One just needs to know how to take advantage of them through  foresight and strategy.

The Commodities Market is not  mysterious, confusing, or scary, and “luck” has nothing to do with it.  Anyone can be a successful Commodity Trader or Investor as long as they  learn how to rely on GOOD INFORMATION. Knowledge is power. The more you  learn, the more profits you make.

Ignorance is a sure way to lose money  in the Commodities Market. You might make a good move by chance every  now and then, but you will never consistently make money in the  Commodities Market if you don’t understand how it works.

Now more than ever you need a system that works, and right now Trade Commodities and Grow Rich is your only and best option.

You’ll no longer have to invest  “naked”, or rely on crowd speculation, useless indicators and other  uncertainties, but, finally understand how to turn your investing into a  PROFITABLE PROFESSION!

Remember, this is an honest-to-goodness, RISK-FREE 60-Day Trial Offer!

You get sixty days to make up your mind, and you can “test-drive”  the time-tested strategies in the book to see whether they really work  for you. So you can’t lose. The only way you can lose is if you never  teach yourself to become an INDEPENDENT INVESTOR and depend on silly  “buy, hold & pray” approaches that could cripple your portfolio in  today’s volatile markets.

Don’t let that happen! Trade Commodities and Grow Rich could be just what you need to protect your wealth and grow your  portfolio no matter whether the Commodity markets go up or down.

Commodity Trading has been the most enjoyable career we have ever experienced, We've met the most amazing people from it, and it's allowed us to be our own boss, make our own hours, work with the students we want to work with, and the freedom to run the “business” how we felt best. It is the only career where you can earn a living any where on planet earth with only a laptop and a wireless internet connection!

If you're interested in considering a career in commodity trading, or are currently trading the markets either as a passive investor or active trader and want to expand your knowledge base and learn shortcuts which took us many years to learn, thru trial and error, We believe this will be a great place to start and we're laying it all out for you to see what's worked best for us and how we've learned to successfully navigate through the exciting and many times uncertain world of Commodity Trading.

Thanks so much!

-The Commodity Trading Academy




You owe it to yourself to invest in Trade Commodities and Grow Rich… especially since you’re totally protected with our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! 




Having a solid, reliable trading plan is the only sure way to achieve consistent trading success and Trade Commodities & Grow Rich is your blueprint for success trading commodities.